Random Ideas

Money and Time

We are all short on both!  But that should not stop you from donating to society through small random acts of kindness.  These small acts can cost little to nothing and take less than a minute. You and the recipient will both have a better day because of it!

Have fun and be random!  Each time you perform a Random and Kind act, give out a tag or find a way to direct them back to www.randomandkind.com so you can spread the movement.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Next time you are headed to the dog park, pick up a pocket size version of sanitizer wipes and tape the bag to the doggy waste station.  We have all been there,…. we pick up after the dog with the little baggies, but then are left with the hand of shame that we can’t use till we get home and wash up.  Dog owners will be grateful for the gesture!
  • Take someones shopping kart back to the store when they are done loading their groceries into the car so they don’t have to walk back.
  • Live in an active area? Stand out on the sidewalk with free water and hand to the runners. Write “www.randomandkind.com” on each water bottle.
  • If you see someone trying to load or unload something heavy as you drive by, stop and offer to help.
  • Help a stranger pick up debris off the road that fell off their truck.
  • Volunteer to serve lunch at a local soup kitchen. Love it? Sign up to do it on a regular basis!
  • Donate an hour or two of your time to your local church, synagogue, or religious organization.
  • Ask en elderly neighbor if they need anything while you run to the store. Then pick it up and deliver it to them.
  • Clean out your closet and put your clothes into two piles, things you wear and things you don’t. Donate the things you don’t wear to a local charity or adult group. (Tip: You can do this with your children’s clothing as well.)
  • Give your time to a cause, such as Habitat for Humanity, Susan G. Komen, or Best Buddies, or Big Brothers Big Sisters. These are all great ways to give back to the community and there are hundreds of other worthy causes. Do some research and act!
  • Ask a local assisted living home if there’s any way you can help. A lot of these places need volunteers. And you’ll feel good by helping out!
  • Clean up a recreation area or trail.
 UP TO $20
  • $5 Surprise: Put a $5 bill and a Random and Kind tag in an envelope and put it under someones windshield wiper at the store.  The recipient has no clue why they received the gift, but I can guarantee it will make them smile!
  • Drive Thru Generosity:  Next time you are at Starbucks or any drive thru, step up and pay for the persons meal behind you.  Just leave the Random and Kind tag with the cashier to hand to the person when they pull up.
  • Cashier Lunch Gift Card: Next time you are at your favorite supermarket, buy a $5 or $10 gift card to pay for your cashiers lunch.  After you check out, give them the gift card and the Random and Kind tag.
  • Pick up the tab for someone in uniform. It’s always fun to do this anonymously and watch their reaction when their server lets them know their meal is free today!
  • Buy a $5 or $10 gas card the next time you get gas. Go back to the pump and tape the gift card and Random and Kind tag onto the pump for the next person to find.
  • Buy an extra meal to go and hand it to a homeless person. You never know what Random and Kind act will put them on their feet again!
  • The next time you’re out to eat, ad a normal tip to your bill and sign it. Then throw an extra $20 on the table along with a Random and Kind card.
  • Buy a box of girl scout cookies … then give them back to the girl selling them!
  • Grab some non-perishable goods on your next trip to the grocery store and take them to the local food pantry.
UP TO $100
  • Buy a pair of tickets to a local sought-after concert or sporting event, place them in an envelope, and give them away anonymously. You’d love to get a pair of tickets to see Dave Matthews out of nowhere, right?!
  • Leave a $100 tip and a Random and Kind card.
  • Sponsor a child in a sports league. Most of us know a parent who struggles to make ends meet. If you know a child who really wants to play soccer but can’t afford it, spring for her participation fees. You can also drop off clothing and equipment for her with the coach.
  • Leave an envelope with $100 for another parent at your child’s daycare and tell them to enjoy a Parents’ Night Out, courtesy of Random and Kind!
  • Drop off coats at a local school. You’d be amazed at how many students need proper outerwear!
  • Buy some books and drop them off to a local prison or detention center.
  • Buy an extra Christmas tree and deliver it to a family in a poor part of town. Feeling really generous? Deliver it with some wrapped gifts as well!


  • Sponsor a child on a school trip. Are you sending your child on the high school trip to France? Consider paying for another student to go, too. Remember to do it anonymously in line with the spirit of Random and Kind!
  • Go on a shopping spree! Then donate all of your awesome new clothing to a woman’s shelter, homeless shelter, or orphanage. They’ll be extremely grateful!
  • Considering a bid on that fishing or camping trip at the charity auction? Do it! And then donate the entire trip to a local youth group, scout troop, or children’s hospital. Talk about making an impact!
  • Donate a couple iPads or tablets to a local public school. They’re always in need of technology!
  • Go Big! Fund a new playground in the community or sponsor renovations of a local ballpark or soccer field.