About Random and Kind


Random and Kind isn’t about us. It’s about you and so is this “about us” page!

I can see you are intrigued!  In a world full of marketers, we are skeptical to believe that anything is genuine any more.  Random and Kind is a movement that exists only to promote kindness in the world through small and random gestures.

The easiest way to explain is through a few FAQ’s:

Q: Who runs Random and Kind?

A: Random and Kind was originally created by a person, calibrating with another person, designing with this other person, and then released to you!  You run Random and Kind!  Every time you pass on a tag, you are leading the movement and running Random and Kind.

Q: Why was Random and Kind started?

A: The movement and this accompanying site were started to assist in a plan for world domination.  Due to the normal budget and time constraints of most people; the movement has settled on spreading kindness through the community one small act at a time!

Q: Combien de personnes seront brancher cette question dans un traducteur en ligne?

A: A bunch.

Q: What does the motto “be random. be kind.” mean?

A: When a complete stranger does something nice for you completely unexpected, it takes you by surprise and usually changes both parties day for the better.  We believe that the random acts of kindness are the most fun.

Have any other questions?  Just ask!  Visit us on social media or drop us a email at thecrew@randomandkind.com.

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